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About kun dragon termite control

      Hunan province kun dragon termite prevention and control of professional co., LTDIs hunan early prevention and control of termites business units。With independent legal person qualification of the enterprise,The specialty is engaged in termite control,After years of development and growth,In scale,Professional technology,Human,Equipment resources are rich。Our company has trained a batch of professional personnel engaged in termite control,Now has engineering and technical personnel 15,There are many years of experience in termite control engineers five;In terms of engineering machinery and equipment,Have all kinds of advanced equipment,Such as micro electric ion atomizer;High-speed motorized sprayer;Australian audio frequency detector;Hot smoke machine and special spraying machine termite control, etc. A total of more than 10 Taiwan。

    Due to the effect of Marine climate of hunan,High temperature and high humidity,Is a high incidence of termite damage area,Over the years my company to undertake tens of thousands of termite control project,No matter how severe termite damage,How difficult,Range more widely,Environment more complex,My company can completely cure......

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