Introduction to the group
According to the《Jiang days belongs to state-owned enterprise organization establishment and recruitment management approach》And2016In the first8District party committee standing committee of the spirit,By the2016In the first4District office meetings,Formation of taizhou jiang days urban construction group co., LTD(简称“Urban construction group”),For district Treasury regulation of state-owned enterprises,Taizhou luqiao is investment management co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of public assets。
The main duties and responsibilities:
(A)Responsible for the area at the corresponding level city construction of major projects prophase preparation、Financing、Project investment and organize their implementation;
(2)Take the area at the corresponding level urban infrastructure、Affordable housing、Demolition and social housing for the investment of public project、Construction and land exploitation……

Center of the project

A good building,Carry not only people live、Commercial activity space,More contains the construction of fine quality promotion。
The results show
Construction projects
In party affairs
The cultivation of clean government